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The Brockton Area Arc has two businesses that provide employment and job training. The businesses also increase the community’s awareness of the valuable contributions that people with disabilities are able to make in our society. We also offer mobile work crews.

Mobile Work Crews

Our main focus is to seek employment opportunities in the community to help all individuals with I/DD or autism to achieve personal career goals.

In striving for inclusion in the workforce, the Brockton Area Arc, Inc. (BAArc) assists adults with I/DD or autism to prepare for, achieve and maintain gainful employment.

For over 30 years, we have worked with employers and businesses, providing quality subcontract labor services as well as dependable employees to meet the labor needs of businesses.

BAArc is a member of the South Shore Collaborative on Employment which helps in coordinating competitive employment leads and possible group employment opportunities.

What we can do for you

The Brockton Area Arc provides industry with a trained, supervised work force that can meet your business needs, at your location. These work crews will be accompanied by one of our supervisors to ensure the quality of work.

  • Large volume capabilities
  • Quality control
  • Competitive pricing

By employing our individuals at minimum or above minimum wages, you not only provide employment, but also increase the community's awareness of the valuable contributions that people with disabilities are able to make in our society.

The bottom line is: 

your need for reliable, productive workers doing quality work.

We are willing to guarantee that. Form a partnership with us and find out how profitable—and risk free—it can be to employ workers with disabilities. The Brockton Area Arc work force is waiting and willing to fill any production need you may have at your business location.

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To find out more about our subcontracting services, contact:
Steven Petluck

Marketing Director

508-583-8030 x215